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Understanding Yourself through The Colorful World of Personality Tests

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“Understanding our personalities makes it significantly easier to change the things within our grasp...I’ve found that understanding my personality helps me step out of the box I’m trapped in. When I understand myself, I can get out of my own way.” 
―Anne Bogel―

The other day I came across a website explaining the ancient system of Numerology which uses numbers 1-9 to help us better understand the world and ourselves as individuals, as well as providing insights about our purpose and personality traits. Fascinating stuff!

After exploring the content for a while, I ended up plugging in my birth month and year into a “Life Path Calculator” and was rewarded with a detailed explanation of my Life Path Number 3. It definitely resonated with me and I had some amazing A-HA moments while reading it. As a bonus, you can also determine the collective energy of the current moment since each month and year also equates to its own number. Similar to your monthly Astrology report.

This is not the first time dipping my toes into these kinds of tests. I love to learn about my inner workings and the insights that I gain from uncovering the layers. In a way, the more I read and explore, the more I gain a deeper understanding of how to practically use this knowledge. It also provides a sense of belonging, knowing I am not the only one that ticks this way.

I started taking these tests in my professional life to determine my strengths and weaknesses within the corporate world. Afterwards, I found myself intrigued with these tools and continued to seek out other personality and self-assessment tests to explain some of my quirks and characteristics that made me feel more alienated from society. I always had this sense of not fitting in, of feeling too much, of being too absorbed in my own world, of being easily overwhelmed by outside stimuli and often times just being bored listening to people’s small talk (to name a few).

I felt out of place and yearned for a rational explanation, a strong “Why”, in order to fix myself and better fit in. Oh, the rational mind - always wanting to solve problems!

Though, along the way, I started to realize how this jumble of traits, characteristics, talents, gifts and quirks often times left me quite confused. Some of it felt so contradicting. For example, how was I as a Sagittarius (naturally adventurous, outgoing, optimistic, fun and positive) to gel with the traits of an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)/Empath that is easily overwhelmed by crowds, noise, smells and absorbs other peoples' energy? Frankly, all of these parts of myself are equally valid.

So how did I make sense of it all?

Well, I’m a big fan of analogies. Let's look at one of my morning rituals in order to reframe the dilemma above.

When I sit down daily for my morning coloring session, I have about 30 different colored pencils to choose from (and yes, that can be quite overwhelming!) As far as coloring goes, you simply select a color, maybe even two to blend and layer, but you probably never use all 30 at the same time (or maybe you do?)

So in a sense, all these aspects of my personality are the colored pencils and I have the liberty to choose which one to use based on the circumstances and happenings in my life. Yes, sometimes I blend together two or three and other times, I fall back on that trusted one. It’s all just a toolbox (and a full one at that) which equips me to better handle my life and feel empowered in my choices!

Maybe you are intrigued by some of these test and quizzes I mention and you start to dive deeper into the subject. Hopefully, it leads you to many of your own revelations and insights. It definetly will help you to embrace your many shades of awesomeness!

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