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Be the Hero of your Own Story. How I Turned my 3 Pain Points into My Greatest Super Powers

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Ever wondered what your super power would be? Maybe it’s flying at lightning speed, being inhumanly strong or literal laser vision. How amazing would that be, right? I do believe we all have super powers and are the heroes of our own journeys when we are able to tap into our own kick-ass uniqueness and let our SUPER shine.

But how do we do that?

I believe awareness and simplicity can serve as the gateway to uncover our super powers.

We must first recognize that our complex world leaves us overwhelmed, overstimulated and maybe often times scared of our own feelings and of who we are. We are bombarded with contradicting information that leads to confusing thoughts, we give other people too much power over our emotional well-being and let them dictate how we should fit into this world. We are so busy keeping up with the world around us that we have no time to distinguish who we are and what we want out of life.

That's where Simplicity comes into play. Start simplifying your life in every aspect so you can feel the effects it has on your mental, physical and spiritual well-being, which are enormous. It leaves you with clarity, grounding and a sense of calm that makes you stand confidently in your own truth. With all the stripping away of the unnecessary it will also start to expose your pain points. The parts about yourself that you hide away from the world out of fear for being different. The magic happens when we shift our perception of these pain points and transform them from our arch nemesis into our greatest ally! Rest assured it will carve out the person that you're meant to be.

I discovered that my insecurities and my flaws were things that I actually need to embrace, and I let them become my superpowers.
~Skylar Grey~

I've done this with with 3 of my own pain points to demonstrate how shifting my perspective has helped me feel empowered and actually embrace them as super powers.

1. High Sensitivity

Well, for starters I am a Highly Sensitive Person which means everything I experience is heightened. My five senses are amplified! For example, I taste certain flavors and foods more intensely than others do; small noises can become increasingly loud and distracting; smells like laundry detergents or perfume can leave me nauseous, and a cluttered room affects me so deeply that I feel visually overwhelmed and scattered. On the flip side this heightened quality of my senses enables me to notice subtleties in my surroundings and in others. I can see beyond people’s masks, notice their shifts in body language, and know things without them telling me. Pretty cool, eh?

2. Intuitive Feeling

Combining the Highly Sensitive traits with being an Intuitive Feeler (NF of the Myers Briggs personality type) has strengthened the power to recognize patterns which in my case is the insight of how people and events connect. I understand something intrinsically without the need for consciously having a reasoning for it! My mind connects the dots of different experiences and has the ability to go through my thought files and see the correlations of how certain situations are connected. All of this happens unconsciously and provides daily A-HA moments! So, I learned to trust my gut instinct and follow my hunches. Unfortunately, this constant churning of information, seeing patterns and subconsciously having all of these programs running in the background has the side effect of feeling oftentimes exhausted, having lots of emotional ups and downs and leaving my battery drained before I even get out of bed.

3. Empathy

Mixing all of this up with being an Empath (a person that has the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others), and you have an explosive cocktail of super powers.

In other words, I can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal and as a whole even sense the emotional state of the world. Again, this comes from my feeling sensors being extraordinary magnified which means the majority of my input is received through my feelings. Often times, it is so strong that I even absorb other people’s emotions which is unfortunately the downside of this powerful trait. It can leave me exhausted, drained and even sometimes downright ill.

Of course, all of these powers I listed need to be harnessed, protected and cultivated on a daily basis. Learning how to take care of myself to not fall victim to the shadow side to all of them is an ongoing process. Luckily, I’m also very practical and can apply structures and routines to guide me back to them. Again, that is why Simplicity is such a helpful tool!

As the saying goes “With great powers comes great responsibility”. In this case it means to keep standing in your own powers, accept them, live them, share them and make sure you have a full VIP access pass to them at all times! I have no doubt that at some point you will shine so bright that you will illuminate the path for those that are still in the dark.

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